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When a new client gives Bravo Design their project to look after, we generally stick to the same project management formula, although as with everything, there can be exceptions. Bravo relishes and welcomes exceptions because they allow us to demonstrate ‘our can’ do attitude and flexible management style! We encourage and welcome frequent and direct client involvement at every stage as well because it allows us to be more proactive managing client expectations and also gives our clients more confidence and control.

Design Project Key Milestones

Enquiry/Request for help
The initial contact either direct, via referral or marketing & sales activity. Clients often have a good idea of what they want and why they want it, just sometimes help is needed to develop their thoughts into a design project.

Summary brief
With conversation on the phone, by email or best of all face to face, the Client and Bravo agree the outline of the project brief, which means we agree what is going to be designed and developed and what that will include.

Once Bravo has the information, we will put together a quote to do the work along with a confirmation of what we understand the brief to be and a note of our assumptions and questions.

The client hopefully agrees the quote, refines the brief with further information confirming the assumptions or providing alternative information and hopefully clarifying any outstanding issues and questions and then the project begins.

Design Concepts
With a more detailed brief Bravo designers create design concepts for the client to comment on if necessary, sometimes two or three concepts need to be completed before the agreed final design concept is reached and the design can be applied to the project.

Agreement & Project Design
Work begins in earnest and the bulk of the project is developed using the design approved in the concept stage of the process. At every opportunity the client will be asked to approve the work as it  develops; for example if the project is the design and development of a new web site, approvals will be sought as each major page is constructed. 

At every stage where it makes sense, the client is asked to review the work done to that point and plans for the next stage; this enables Bravo to be sure we are on the right track and it enables the client to be deeply involved during every stage of the development.

99% of the time, all is well and the project can be completed on time and to the client’s complete satisfaction. 1% of the time there are changes to be made and very very rarely a change to the brief occurs at this late stage. None of this is an issue for Bravo, we believe in being receptive to all new ideas and completely flexible in our approach.


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