Website Hosting

The Data centre

  • State of the art modern data centre
  • Attended 24/7 by sys admins & security staff
  • Security-tag controlled entry points
  • Visual photo ID check on entry
  • Closed circuit cameras
  • Combination locked cabinets
  • Under-floor air conditioning system
  • FM2000 Fire Suppression
  • 24hr diesel backup power generators
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  • Electrical power filtering and smoothing

The Network

  • Multiple 1000Mb/s backbone – with instant expansion capability
  • Multiple redundant BGP routes to the UK LINX, Europe and Transatlantic
  • 100Mb/s network with 100Mb/s switches: no contended hubs. GigE also available
  • Custom built high specification Intel routers running Linux
  • Advanced 3Com & Cisco switch technology
  • Linux firewall systems, Storm and DDOS protection systems
  • Scan and intrusion detection facilities
  • 24 hour network monitoring